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Try out the navigation bar at the top of this page. I keep My Tree at Rootsweb and have a few words to say about it. I have written Articles, some are on-line and have links. Ocassionally I blog. I offer Advice on a specific web page and in a few of the blogs. Photos is admittedly a weak area now but I intend to digitize and upload more. In Services although I highlight my Swedish research skills, I am competent in English and American research as well. The Bookstore link takes you to my site created at Guest Book is a nice way to leave a message.

The nationality navigation bar is only seen on this home page. Just in case you don't recognize the flags, run your mouse cursor over them. For each of my nationalities you can see how I well I am doing and how I research - - - at least those are the goals.

The navigation bar at the bottom allows one to easily return to the Home page, to check out my old ways of doing things in the Archives, and to get some insight into how I built this site (Web Tools).

Current Blog: Beginning Swedish Genealogy Article Available On-Line

The article which originally appeared in Family Chronicle Magazine is now available by arrangement with Ancestry... Continue

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