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Two ancestors left Sweden independently one from Jönköping province and the other from Kalmar. Each traveled to farms in the township of Clover, Henry County, Illinois, where they joined family members. Initially neighbors, Alfred Anderson and Sofi Danielson were married in Woodhull in 1883. (These are the Americanized names Alfred used when he completed the application for a marriage license). They eventually settled in Ong, Clay County, Nebraska, and spent their retirement years in Lincoln.

Given the availabilty and survival of Swedish records back to the 1600s, I have found dozens of Alfred's and Sofi's ancestors. Swedish research although challanging can be very fruitful.

Follow this link to the start of my Swedish ancestry.

Recommended Web Sites

Genline    Genline is a subscription based web application. It provides access to millions of pages of images of Swedish Church parish records. All this information can be accessed by provinces, parish, type of record, date range, and page unique Genline ID (GID).

DIS - Computer Genealogy Society of Sweden    I joined DIS, the Computer Genealogy Society of Sweden and uploaded the family I am currently researching. I have found records on my ancestors and researcher contact information. This site has an interesting aspect: if you contribute you get more privedges! There are mininmal annual dues to join.

SweGGate: Sweden Genealogy Gate    is the Official SwedenGenWeb site in the WorldGenWeb Project. It is a portal to loads of information.

Anbytarforum – The Genealogist's Discussion-board in English    Anbytarforum is the discussion board of the Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies. It is is mainly in Swedish but there is a discussion-board and instructions in English. This is the site to post Swedish genealogy questions. I found that with a little bit of Swedish mixed with English I can venture beyond the English area, post in the approriate discussion section and get more and quicker responses.

Recommended Genealogy Books

The newest is called Your Swedish Roots: A Step By Step Handbook (2004) by Per Clemensson and Kjell Andersson. The authors are Swedish and they are experts. This book is their first published in English. Its case studies and well translated examples are very helpful for North American based Swedish genealogists of all skill levels. Published jointly by Ancestry and Genline the ISBN is 1593312768. See my review for more information.

Cradled in Sweden (Revised 1995) by Carl-Erik Johansson. This was the book on Swedish genealogy. It is a handbook covering a myriad and the spectrum of subtopics. I have used it with satisfaction to gain an understanding of parish, household examination and census records. It has offered consolation when trying to read difficult cursive. Along with Your Swedish Roots the two books are the essential how to guides. Thanks to Everton Publishers this wonderful volume is back in print.

Swedish Books

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