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German Ancestry

My German Forebears

My great-grandaunt Clara Lange wrote a biography. She included genealogical information about her many siblings, her parents, Lange grandparents, and one great-grandfather. Her work was my starting point. I built on it through visits to the Fond du Lac County Courthouse and the City of Fond du Lac Public Library. Going back and forth between the newspapers and civil registers I pieced together the family of Clara's grandparents: Michael Lange and Christine Rueckheim and their children. Three generations of my Lange ancestors came from Alt-Falkenberg, Pyritz, Pomerania, Germany, in the 1880s to settle in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. My first cousin, once removed, Donald Lange, showed me where Michael and Christine are buried in Estabrook Cemetery just west of Fond du Lac.

Link to Aunt Clara's record in my tree.

My German Genealogy Books

In Search of Your German Roots by Angus Baxter. The subtitle says it all: "A Complete Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors in the Germanic Areas of Europe". The ISBN is 0-8063-1447-8. This book is one of the first on genealogy that I read. If you have German ancestry and are just starting your family research - it is a good one to be motivated by.

A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Germanic Ancestors (2000) by Chris Anderson and Ernest Thode. This book is one in the Betterway series written by experts.

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