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Scottish Ancestry

My Scottish Forebears

It was a delight to verify family tradition that our Turnbulls hailed from Scotland. As a genealogist, adding a nationality to one's make-up is exciting. It may also be surprising or even unsettling.

My initial findings indicate that James Turnbull, his wife Isabella Armstrong and a daughter, came from Jedburgh, Roxburgh, Scotland to Liverpool around 1846. For a long time getting beyond my great-grandfather Robert Turnbull seemed impossible. The breakthrough came as a result of information contained in Robert's apprenticeship Indenture, a document sent to me by my first cousin, once removed, Harold Turnbull.

My Scottish Genealogy Book

A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Scottish Ancestors (2002) by Linda Jonas and Paul Milner. This book is another of those in the Betterway series by the experts. It is comprehensive and useful. Paul has been a visiting expert at Irish Fest, so I have met him and my personal copy of the book is signed.


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